Jim's Garage

Jim's Garage

Jim’s Garage began life as a project for Patricia and me and Robin Farquhar, the Producing Artistic Director of Flat Rock Playhouse in western NC, for their fiftieth anniversary season in 2002. We wound up with a very successful first production.  

From L to R: Linda Evans (Aunt Ethyl), Jenny Littleton (Dee), Jason Edwards (Jim), Robin Farquhar (Artistic Director), Miles Aubrey (Purvis), Patricia Miller (Playwright), Jim Wann (Playwright/Composer), Mike Masters (Merle), Mary Faber (Ivy) & Ritt Hen

Like most prototypes (cars or plays) it needs a little work.  If anything, the subject of how to get 100 miles a gallon (one song is titled "Red White & Blue--And Green") is more current today than it was several years ago.

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