Randy Wood's Pickin' Parlor

Randy Wood made me a wonderful Style O guitar, with coastally-themed inlays on the fretboard, and what better place to play it than Randy’s Pickin Parlor, near Savannah. 


Tony Williamson, the globe-trotting mandolin historian and maestro, and Carver Blanchard, the Renaissance lutenist who hung his hat at the Smithsonian for a spell, decided to join me for a living-room-type evening of songs and stories. We’re all friends of Randy’s, and Tony had just played on my new recording, Blue Heaven, but we’d never played together as a trio. We did standards and more than a few original tunes with guitar, mandolin, and lute—that would be 6 strings, 8 strings, and 15 strings, 29 strings all together, and a lot of fun for me to sit in the middle and hear what Carver and Tony were doing along the way.


Jim Wann


Jim Wann

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