Jim Wann & Friends: Blue Heaven

"Blue Heaven" as you may know, is a nickname for Chapel Hill and UNC, where many of us on this record first began to enjoy each other's music and form bands, including the Southern States Fidelity Choir, Red Clay Ramblers, Arrogance, and more.

Jim Wann Sings Johnny Mercer Volume 1

Classic American Songbook Hit Parade and Movie Theme Songs sung and played with Southern Roots sensibilities, recorded in a church-turned-studio in Charlotte, NC, produced by Don Dixon, much-praised and purchased with audiophile sound quality.

Jim Wann Sings Jim Wann Volume 2

Jim Wann originals not associated with musicals: folk, rock, and soul, poetic, sometimes dark, sometimes cheerful. These recordings reflect my parallel lives in New York and in the South.  For years I tried to choose one over the other and always found something missing.  So now I come and go and there’s nothing missing except enough time.

Wild Ponies by The Coastal Cohorts

Follow-up Coastal Cohorts disc including popular favorites like Dixon’s “I Can Hear The River” (Joe Cocker million-seller), Bland and Jim’s “Wild Ponies” and more, now played live as part of KING MACKEREL shows. The Coastal Cohorts have been performing together for 25 years and have played their music in concert halls and clubs, off-Broadway

Coastal Cohorts: King Mackerel & The Blues are Running

Hugely popular in North Carolina and among concert audiences in NYC since the ‘80’s, the original cast recording of Coastal Cohorts Jim Wann, Don Dixon, and Bland Simpson (Red Clay Ramblers)…a trio still recording new songs and touring “Songs And Stories Of The Carolina Coast.”

Pump Boys and Dinettes

On Highway 57 somewhere between Frog Level and Smyrna, stands a gas station. Across the blacktop is a roadside eatery called the "Douple Cupp Diner." The four guys at the station (Jim, Jackston, Eddie, and L.M.) have been known to do some auto repairs, but only when aided by quantities of time and beer.

Stay Tuned